Sunday, March 8, 2015

Tree Shadows

Shadows around this gorgeous tree in Rochester, New York caught my attention.  There was a peace to this tree, so sturdy, so much width to shelter people from the sun, a bit mystical in it's color.  I don't know what kind of tree this is, but still love the beauty in it. 

10x10 Canson Touch pastel paper mounted to board

The Marsh

We have so many marshes here in the north country of New York that on every hike I find another place to paint!  This pastel is of a march in Tupper Lake, on the way to Lake Placid.  Pastel on a 6x18 board gives this piece a long format in which to view the distant hills.  It seems a peaceful place.

6x18 pastel on pastelbord

Under brush

Fall's such a beautiful place in the Adirondacks and this fall we took lots of walks to our lake.  As the weather turned colder, the underbrush became filled with dead leaves and dried sticks.  They had a color all their own and I took lots of reference photos for a pastel painting. 

11x14 pastel on board

Monday, January 5, 2015

Autumn Under Foot

This past October, on a walk to our lake, I brought my digital camera and was taking shots of all the gorgeous colors on the trees.  It was a beautiful day, as autumn was fast disappearing - lots of leaves had already fallen from the trees.  One look down and I was awed by the beauty of the pattern of leaves, the colors and the fallen dew drops from that morning.  The photos I took were like a work of art in themselves but, I was determined to try to paint at least one of the photos.  I loved the white leaf that is prominent in the painting.  Where did it come from, when all the others were faded and full of color?  This is my rendition of autumn under foot.
11x14 pastel on Richeson gatorboard

Las Cruses Sunset

Last June, we stopped at a campsite in Las Cruses, New Mexico for a few nights.  To say it was hot is an exaggeration - it was EXTREMELY hot!  We were parked in a lovely spot, though, above the city and the mountains so that every night was a riot of color as the sun set.  I tried to capture on digital camera the beauty of those sunsets, but really, it's not possible.  I used one of the photos I did take and tried to remember all the color on the mountains and the city lights.  I also decided to use a Richeson board that I prepared with acrylic gesso, in order to have some texture to the painting.  I'm happy with the results - it represents a June night high above Las Cruses, NM.
11x14 pastel

Friday, September 19, 2014


My reference photo for this pastel was taken one evening on our way home from Lake Placid, New York.  We were crossing Tupper Lake and I stopped to take many photos.  The sunset was magnificent, going from pink, violet, red to yellow.  In painting this landscape, I scumbled the pastel all over, then dripped alcohol down it, deciding to leave the drips on the surface as I put the final pastel on the paper.  It was not a totally planned painting, I just went where the drips went and had fun.  I enjoyed the long format - 10x20.